Anti-fungal Hair Growth Shampoo

Regrowth Labs ketocolost anti-fungal with hair growth nutrient shampoo has been developed as a simple but a very efficient solution for routine use to combat hair loss. As key ingredients, it features Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal agent with proven activities to boost hair growth, and Colostrum, an ingredient from a biological source rich in essential nutritional values. It is composed of unique ingredients that are combined to promote overall health, restore healthy scalp and hair by reducing hair loss, shedding or thinning, increasing hair growth and coverage on scalp, improving general hair condition and appearance of hair and most importantly enhancing overall quality of life and emotional well-being of users.


Science Matters

  • Ketoconazole is an antifungal drug used to manage scalp conditions like dandruff. Ketoconazole is also used as a hair loss treatment for androgenetic alopecia (genetic pattern baldness) in both men and women.

  • Colostrum reduces inflammation. Users have also reported hair re-growth. It appears that the growth factors also stimulate cell proliferation in the scalp and hair follicles often reversing hair loss. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease. In general, protein concentration in colostrum is substantially higher than in milk.