About Us


Regrowth Labs is a powerful line of hair regrowth solutions for men and women of all ages. Consisting of 8 topical treatments and 2 wet line SKU’s with varying concentrations of some of the world's most advanced and effective ingredients for hair regrowth. Regrowth Labs presents the broadest range of prescription-strength hair growth solutions under one brand. Combined with highly specialized active ingredients, Regrowth Labs formulas are innovative solutions capable of effectively addressing all stages of hair loss.

The Regrowth Labs range of topical hair care products is designed to provide the widest selection of solutions for those who suffer from hair problems such as thinning hair, baldness/alopecia, itchy scalp and other aging-related hair health concerns. All of the products in the Regrowth Labs portfolio are 100% Made in the USA .

Our mission is to broaden the availability and accessibility of effective hair growth solutions. We believe that authentic treatments to hair thinning/loss should not be limited to a Physician’s office or priced beyond the reach of ordinary consumers. Scientific and formulaic advancements of the last decade--as well as the release from patent protection of well-established drugs like minoxidil and finasteride--have allowed manufacturers to drastically reduce the costs associated with developing new products. Regrowth Labs is proud to pass on the economies and, in turn, encourage the widespread adoption of these classes of effective hair care.


As a line of functional hair growth treatments, Regrowth Labs products are developed with a reliance on science to affect material transformations. Specifically, we believe in the power of pharmaceutical compounds for personal care applications.

Our range of anti-aging topical solutions include the 4 most successful hair growth drugs of the past 30 years: minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, and spironolactone. What makes Regrowth Labs different from other products is that we marry these established drugs with cutting-edge drug-free compounds that have also proven effective at combating and preventing hair loss.

While other functional hair growth lines take a singular position on the drug/drug-free path of treatment, our belief is that both approaches have proven to be effective. The underlying causes of hair loss--both sudden and progressive varieties--and an individual’s reaction to certain ingredients are too unique for one-size-fits-all solutions. Regrowth Labs answer is to offer a wide product line that incorporates multiple effective active ingredients, drug and drug-free, into hybrid formulas.

The Delivery System

All Regrowth Labs formulas include lipospheres as delivery agents. Liposphere technology is used to incorporate and carry active ingredients of different types and for different applications, with the aim of improving their therapeutic properties, primarily their efficacy and safety.

Integral to Regrowth Labs treatments, clinically proven liposphere technology provides: increased permeation of the actives; a time-released delivery of substances; strengthened lipid-barrier function; longer lasting moisturizing effect; and improved overall performance. Crucially, all without any harmful, irritating effects on the scalp.

Key features of this delivery system include:

  • Superior delivery of ingredients to the scalp and hair for better absorption, penetration and dissemination

  • Encapsulation of compounds in a matrix similar to natural skin, resulting in better absorption by the skin and hair

  • Permeation of the active ingredients within the deeper layers of skin, instead of merely dissipating at the surface

  • Release of actives gradually over time for maximum, continued effect

  • Strengthening of the scalp’s protective lipid barrier function, slowing transdermal water loss and minimizing irritation

  • Control over the time of release and duration of the treatment, which can be prolonged or modulated